Since it was founded in 1962, Kenda has operated under the core values of Honesty, Innovation, Quality, and Customer Service. Over the years,Kenda has continued to develop and expand its product offering to meet changing market demands. Today, Kenda is one of the world's leading tyreand tube manufacturers for automotive, motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, wheelchair, golf cart, lawn care equipment, trailer, skid loader, and agricultural
vehicles. With factories all over the world, Kenda is able to provide quality products to suit a wide variety of applications.Kenda continues to push the parameters of the powersports industry. The "Kenda" name comes from the Chinese symbol "KendÃÂ" which means

"never stop growing"

Producing quality tyres has always been Kenda's first priority. In order to make tyres that perform well and maintain the integrity of the brand andthe quality level of the tyres, a good product department is critical.

Continental is a tyre manufacturer with a premium philosophy, capably expressed through four areas of dynamic activity. These areas are tyre tests,original equipment, automotive expertise, and German engineering. Join us in a detailed exploration of each, where you can see how our prowess inthese critical fields underpins our guarantee of quality.

German engineering and accuracy is legendary. As the inventers of the first tread pattern tire in the world, Continental seeks to prove this inventive spirit with every new product. Our centre of our engineering experience can be found in Hanover, Germany.

Nolangroup is an Italian company which was founded in 1972. In that year, Lander Nocchi, a businessman operating in the motorbike and car accessory sector, set up production of motorbike helmets which were injection moulded in polycarbonate, an innovative plastic material developed by General Electric under the trade name of LEXAN

This was the birth of the first helmet to carry the Nolan brand name (an acronym of the founder’s name). Nolangroup is currently the only company in the sector to produce all of its helmets in Italy through a fully-integrated production process, from the receiving of the raw materials to the final assembly of the product. It is the largest producer of helmets in Europe, with over 400,000 helmets manufactured per year, and a team of 360 people working in a single location which covers an area of 31,000 square metres.

Founded over 60 years ago, Liqui-Moly is Germany's number one brand of premium-quality lubricants, additives and service products. Every Liqui-Moly product is 100% made in Germany - each proudly exhibiting the well-established German reputation for excellence. By starting with only the highest-quality raw materials and working closely with the world's best manufactures, Liqui-Moly is able to offer superior-grade products, while securing an enormous number of difficult-to-obtain manufacturer-certified approvals.

LIQUI MOLY is Germanys most popular brand of motor oil. For years, awards such as "Top Brand" or "Best Brand" have reflected our excellent reputation among both experts and end consumers.

The AFAM technology is used by various racing teams and leading manufacturers all over the world.The experience gained since its creation in 1978 in R & D on GP500, MotoGP, SBK and MX1 have brought an increasing specialization.Through the knowledge gained in road,off-road and on circuits we have developed a know-how to ensure the production of high quality sprockets.

AFAM is a world class brand.An extensive program is offered to the aftermarket in order to meet everyones requirements.We want to share our passion with you.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Antigravity Batteries is a company dedicated to building the best in Lithium-Ion Products for the Motorsports Community. We offer the highest quality, most innovative and diverse line of Lithium-Ion Battery Products to meet the demands of all Motorsports and Powersports enthusiasts and beyond. From our multi-award-winning MICRO-START jump-starters to our wide range of lightweight high-power Lithium-Ion batteries for Motorcycles, Powersports Vehicles, Race Cars and more we are the lithium-ion battery specialists.

MISSION STATEMENT - We are a company dedicated to building the best in lithium-ion battery products for the motorcycle, powersports and motorsports industries and beyond. Our core values are honesty, quality and performance while providing exceptional customer service.

DENSO is one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturers of ignition technology, including spark plugs. We were the first company to produce long-life automotive Iridium spark plugs, and invented the world's smallest, most efficient 0.4mm Iridium tip.

Iridium OE Spark PlugBy harnessing the power of iridium, DENSO were able to shrink the surface area of the centre electrode tip. A smaller tip allows the spark to expand in a greater area, maximising firing performance improving acceleration with smoother idle in comparison with normal plugs.

Nickel Spark PlugEven DENSOs 'standard' spark plug is something special. The innovative U-Groove design that helped to make DENSO spark plugs famous, employs a unique, channeled ground electrode designed to generate a larger spark at the point of ignition. Greater spark energy than ordinary plugs means improved flame travel, producing more complete, consistent, and efficient combustion.

Founded in 1941 as a general roller-chain manufacturer; Enuma Chain is headquartered in Kaga, Japan, an industrial area near Komatsu on Japans west coast. Long a technological innovator, in 1974 Enuma introduced the worlds first sealed O-ring chain, a design that dramatically extended chain life by inhibiting lubricant loss. This breakthrough quickly became the standard throughout the motorcycle industry, and led to todays high-tech EK Quadra-X Ring chains that further prolong durability while reducing friction.

Quality is an obsession at Enuma Chain. In 1997, the company was certified to ISO 9001 quality-management standards. This certification recognizes the high standards of our quality assurance system, and reinforces our guarantees of safety and precision in every product we sell.

Research and development at Enuma have always focused on creating technological breakthroughs and developing original ideas. Our invention of the O-ring sealed chain was based on years of accumulated technology, exemplifying a relentless commitment to innovation that continues to drive everything we do.

Givis history began in 1978, thanks to the initiative of his founder, Mr. Giuseppe Visenzi. As a Moto GP pilot for a few seasons, he won third place in the 1969 Championship of the 350cc; after that, he decided to quit the world of races starting the activity of entrepreneur.

Supported by a great passion and determination, Mr. Visenzi totally embraces himself in the production and making of motorbike accessories.This way, he founded GIVI, quickly imposing the brand on a national and international level, till it became a solid and innovative reality in the motorcycle world.

Bagster Luggage. BAGSTER designs and manufactures motorcycle luggage with emphases on innovation and practicality. With decades years of experience, Bagsterknows how to adapt to the needs of the motorcycling market. ...

Bagster are most known for their custom motorcycle Tank Covers. Bagster Complete Tank Covers are available to match the colours and patterns of the specific make & model, thus rendering them more discreet. Bagster has a range of over 4000+ products available in the different colours of over 500+ motorbike models.

Lucas Oil has long been directly involved in the American racing industry through multiple vehicle sponsorships and racing event promotions, at all levels. Seeing a need for better lubricants in this industry, the Lucas people went to work again. The end result being a line of high performance engine oils and gear oils that are second-to-none in the racing industry.

The Lucas success story has been built upon hard work, an unparalleled line of premium products and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This single formula for success will continue to guide Lucas Oil Products as it grows in the years to come.

X Helmets - a division of Nexxpro S.A., a young Portuguese company, can be proud of conquering in very few years such a detached position on a sector dominated by strong groups and companies.

Since the beginning (2001) the company maintains the same policy of work and development of products: creativity, design and technology, all together to create different products.Look into the future! This is the X Helmets policy. The brand continues to bring new ideas and solutions to passionate riders. The collections are developed to make every riding moment enjoyable, emphasising the feeling of freedom.

Different models are available to care for each and every need. We research in all conditions, roads and weather, to give safe pleasurable riding moments.

ROKFORM® was founded in 2010 and built by a team who gets up early in the morning and stays up late at night because of our passion for great design, lasting quality and superior service before and after the sale.

Our cases are military tough but thin and light for everyday use and abuse. Our mounts are discreet, powerful, easy to use and made from high quality materials that are built to last. Our magnetic mounting system is safe for all phones, instantly addicting and works like magic in places you never thought possible.

Steelcore Inc. is a Pioneering product development company with headquarters in Denison, Texas, USA. They are the leading manufacturer of high-quality lockable theft resistance security straps.

They are available in different lengths and sizes for a wide range of uses for securing adventure gear, bikes, motorcycles, power sports, aviation, marine, outdoor furniture, toolboxes, cargo, and so much more. Steelcore continue to innovate and bring quality products to the marketplace that satisfies customers’ needs at competitive prices. They are not straps, they are Steelcore. If you love it, lock it.

We are RisemousseOur range of mousses has been conceived, tested and produced in series, through a particular attention linked to our historical company activity coming from the plastic materials sector.

In the past decades, with the changing of technology, plastics and characteristics of tecnopolymers that over time have found more and more applications in the industrial world, so did our company. To change with time, to be at the forefront, words that have always distinguished our approach of how to do business, hard and complicated path that has allowed us with time, to acquire autonomy and credibility at the international level in the market segments where we decided to intervene.

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