CTA Lubricants

 Part No.  CTA40
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Made from 100% Pure Liquid Lanolin (Wool Grease), CTA PROTECT-IT is an invaluable product that lubricates, penetrates and protects most mechanisms and surfaces.

CTA PROTECT-IT leaves a non-drying film that does not evaporate or wash off with water providing extended lubrication and protection.

CTA PROTECT-IT is not a petrochemical based product like other known brands, it is a better alternative that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly that really works, and in most applications out performs traditional water dispersant, penetrant, lubricant and protection products.
Try a can and you will find how versatile this natural Made in Australia product really is! 

Protects all metals from rust & corrosion.
Cleans, protects & rejuvinates timber, leather, rubber, vinyl & plastic.
Penetrates & lubricates.
Displaces & repels moisture