Tank Covers - by model

The Bagster range of Custom Tank Covers are the original brand, made in Europe and are manufactured to very high quality standards of fit and finish.

The Bagster Tank Cover is manufactured from coated PVC cloth and is made specifically for each motorcycle model. The Tank Cover is designed to be exactly the same shape as your fuel tank so once fitted and bedded in to the tanks shape it almost looks as though it isn't there.

The Tank Protector covers your fuel tank completely to protect the paintwork, has a foam lined soft underside, and does not move around on the bike. Depending on the model, it is fastened with 4 or 5 straps. There is an opening in the tank protector that allows you to fuel your motorcycle without removing the protector.

On the top portion it has a four point snap system for attaching a tank bag, providing optimal stability of luggage at high speeds. Two points are located at the front and two at the rear. Tank Protectors are customized to match the colors and patterns of your motorcycle, making them sleek and discreet.

Once on it will protect most if not all of your tank from stone chips, petrol filler nozzles and alike. So once removed your tank will look as though it had just left the showroom.

The beauty of this system is that all of the Bagster clip on tank bags** will fit any cover. So if you only want a small bag for a day just buy a small bag, but if you want a big bag for a weekend away, just buy a big bag and away you go. Then if you change your bike, simply keep the tank bags you have and buy a new cover for the new machine and you can clip on the old bags you still have, simples!

 Tank Cover fitting and care instructions