The brand new     X.G100R (Racer). Suits the style of retro, cafe racer, custom or naked bikes. How cool would this helmet look on the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride? This is the retro helmet redefined, taking all of the great things found in the regular X.G100 and adding a permanent opening visor with beautiful machined aluminium locking plates, chin bar venting that can be adjusted, even an anti-fog visor insert. In a retro helmet! So the X-Garage X.G100R just became the perfect retro lid, an innovative blend of retro looks and modern technology.

X.G100R features:

Stylish, strong and lightweight, the X.G100R is made from an X-Matrix shell of carbon, Kevlar, fibreglass and 3D organic fibres.

The X.G100R is ECE/22-05

The X.G100R shell is available in 2 different sizes (Shell 1: S to M, Shell 2: L-XXL) providing compact dimensions on your head, with outstanding fit and comfort.

CoolMax, soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric inner lining

Anti-fog visor

3D Inner Lining, removable and washable

Double D-ring to secure

Front and upper air intakes