Wow, a one piece visible 100% carbon shell, that's the new XT1 Carbon Zero. This new sports touring helmet from     is packed with features to make your ride more comfortable. Being a carbon shell, it's super light, at 1300g (+/- 50g) and includes a retractable sun visor, plus a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert. The production quality of the XT1 Carbon Zero is simply stunning. The carbon shell is completed by hand to achieve stunning contours and aerodynamics.

As a touring helmet,   have put a lot of energy into ensuring good ventilation. As a result, the helmet features two air intakes, plus four outlets and a shell-integrated rear spoiler to provide excellent air flow. The helmet has a panoramic eye port, to give you a huge view of the road ahead plus in your peripheral vision. The visor itself features the new X-Swift quick release system, plus the new Block'N'Seal system, to ensure a hermetic seal between the visor and the rubber seal of the helmet. The visor also has a recessed cavity to house a Pinlock anti-fog insert.

The XT1 Carbon Zero has been specifically designed hand in hand with the X-Com Bluetooth intercom, so that you can effortlessly communicate with pillion or your riding buddies, or pair it with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, or GPS.

More features of this new touring helmet include a removable breath guard, micro-metric securing buckle, chin wind stopper, anti-noise cheek pads, and a soft, anti-sweat and anti-allergenic Coolmax fabric inner lining, which is removable and washable. The XT1 Carbon Zero is ECE 22/05 approved.