Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs


Welcome to the revolutionary new world of oil contamination removal!
Dimple® Super Magnetic Drain Plug ~ The Facts.

Why? Motor oil works best when uncontaminated. Continuous friction creates unwanted tiny metal particles; these tiny metal particles are measured in microns (one millionth of a meter). All the contaminants cannot be removed by the oil filter because an oil filter can only remove particles larger than 35 microns - Dimple® products remove the rest. If not removed, these contaminants are circulated millions of times between each oil change, wearing down the metal until the engine is worn out. What some may not realize is that there is still residue left in the engine, even after an oil change, so new oil in the engine does not mean uncontaminated oil. Dimple® products provide a solution that works, saving you money and extending the life of your vehicle.

~ All Dimple® drain plugs carry a lifetime guarantee. ~