DuraMousse Tubes


Durable - Made from the best quality rubber for loner life.

Maximum Traction - equivalent pressure of 12psi

A tube of gel is suppplied with each mousse. Appy it to the inside of the tyre before fitting mousse.

Use a rim lock. Off Road use only.

Prolonged use over 130kph may lead to premature wear.

Store in a cool place less than 30deg C.



DuraMousse Tubes
Details Part No. Description
View Details for DM18110 DM18110 110/100-18 DURAMOUSSE TUBE
View Details for DM18120 DM18120 120/100-18>140/80-18 DURAMOUSSE TUBE
View Details for DM19100 DM19100 100/90-19 (100/100-18) DURAMOUSSE TUBE (1.85 RIM)
View Details for DM19110 DM19110 110/90-19 (100/100-18) DURAMOUSSE TUBE(2.15 RIM)
View Details for DM2180 DM2180 80/100-21>90/90-21 DURAMOUSSE TUBE
View Details for DM2190 DM2190 90/90-21>90/100-21 DURAMOUSSE TUBE
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