Wheel Jockey


Finally, a simple tool offers a solution for the cumbersome task of rotating motorcycle wheels for tyre and wheel cleaning, chain or belt maintenance, valve stem positioning, and tyre inspection, and what's more, the Wheel Jockey is small enough to be easily stowed under the seat or in any motorcycle luggage!
The Wheel Jockey Sport model is ideal for owners of all sport bikes, naked bikes and middle weight cruisers weighing less than 650 lbs (295kg).  Its benefits are that it is easy to operate single-handedly and is small enough to fit under the seat or in any size luggage.  An ideal tool for doing chain maintenance, wheel cleaning, tyre inflation and inspection on the road or in your shop.
Constructed of high quality steel, aluminum and sealed ball bearings, Wheel Jockey Sport measures 4” x 4.5” x 1.5” and can accommodate road/naked/cruiser bikes up to 650 lbs. (295kg) while the Big Joc is designed for heavier motorcycles up to 950 lbs (430kg)
The Wheel Jockeys feature:
• Sealed ball bearing movement
• Wheels lifted less than 1.5" off the ground
• Small, portable size
• Sturdy steel and aluminum construction
• Non-skid backing
• For use on road motorcycles only; not for off-road tyres

Wheel Jockey
Details Part No. Description
View Details for WJ0055 WJ0055 WHEEL JOCKEY SPORT (UP TO 295KG)
View Details for WJ0087 WJ0087 WHEEL JOCKEY BIG JOC (UP TO 430KG)
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