K&N Air Filters & Powerlids® for ATV's

Designed to Increase ATV Horsepower & Torque

1.  ATV XSTREAM® POWERLID® - The ATV XStream Powerlid incorporates a K&N High-Flow Air Filter with an airbox lid that is designed to replace potentially restrictive stock airbox lids and intake snorkels. Use our application search to find a K&N Powerlid for your ATV.

2.  Each XStream Powerlid includes a K&N DryCharger® and the necessary carburetor jets to properly tune your ATV.

3.  K&N OE REPLACEMENT ATV FILTERS - K&N High-Flow Air Filter’s pleated cotton design offers a larger surface area over a foam air filter and provides outstanding engine protection. K&N OE Replacement ATV Air Filters fit directly in your ATV’s stock airbox, require no airbox modifications and are designed with an application specific sealing surface to ensure an airtight fit. For premium airflow and filtration, use the Powerlid with a K&N OE Replacement Air Filter.


Details Part No. Description
View Details for SU-4002-T SU-4002-T SUZUKI LTZ400 03-08; KAWASAKI KFX400 03-06
View Details for SU-4002-TDK SU-4002-TDK DRYCHARGER FOR SU-4002-T; DRYBLACK 7"L x7"W
View Details for YA-3502-T YA-3502-T YAMAHA YFZ350 BANSHEE 87-11 WITH POWERLID
View Details for YA-3502-TDK YA-3502-TDK DRYCHARGER FOR YA-3502-T; DRYBLACK-8.75"L x 5.75"W
View Details for YA-3502-TPK YA-3502-TPK PRECHARGER FOR YA-3502-T; PREBLACK-8.75"L x 5.75"W
View Details for YA-4504-T YA-4504-T YAMAHA YFZ450 04-09 POWERLID
View Details for YA-4504-TDK YA-4504-TDK DRYCHARGER FOR YA-4504-T, DRYBLACK-7.12"L x 7.12"W
View Details for YA-6601-T YA-6601-T YAMAHA YFM660R RAPTOR 01-05 POWERLID
View Details for YA-6601-TDK YA-6601-TDK DRYCHARGER FOR YA-6601-T; DRYBLACK-10.25"Lx 6.87"W
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