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 Motorcycle & ATV Oil Filters
K&N's premium line of powersport canister & catridge oil filters were designed to meet the performance needs of motorcycle and ATV racing applications.

K&N's canister style premium oil filters are designed to handle high oil pressures and they can be used with the latest synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oils. K&N Powersport canister oil filters come with a 17mm nut welded to the top that makes them easy to remove.

K&N cartridge style powersports oil filters allow for a high flow-rate and they are ideal for modern synthetic motor oils.

To find the suitable K&N Oil Filter for your motorcycle or ATV, check here:



Oil Filters
Details Part No. Description
View Details for KN-111 KN-111 OIL FILTER; 413/KEA/KK9/MA6
View Details for KN-112 KN-112 OIL FILTER; KFO/KL3 Kawa. 1053
View Details for KN-113 KN-113 OIL FILTER;HM5/HC5
View Details for KN-114 KN-114 OIL FILTER;Honda 15412HP7A01 TRX420
View Details for KN-116 KN-116 OIL FILTER;CRF250/450X/R 04->
View Details for KN-123 KN-123 OIL FILTER; 004
View Details for KN-126 KN-126 OIL FILTER; 002
View Details for KN-128 KN-128 OIL FILTER; Mule 2006
View Details for KN-131 KN-131 OIL FILTER; 052
View Details for KN-132 KN-132 OIL FILTER; 245/25C/19B
View Details for KN-133 KN-133 OIL FILTER; 458/450
View Details for KN-134 KN-134 OIL FILTER; 05A
View Details for KN-136 KN-136 OIL FILTER;382
View Details for KN-137 KN-137 OIL FILTER; 374
View Details for KN-138 KN-138 OIL FILTER; 06B/34E
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